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VENDIS Workforce Management

VENDIS Workforce Management Software has been optimized to manage workforce in Field Service/Operation such as

  • Technicians performing regular maintenance or service calls
  • Tradesmen performing jobs on customers or projects sites
  • Service personnel performing various services on customer’s sites
  • Customer representatives performing market surveys and sales prospecting
  • Drivers performing pickup or delivery of goods and packages

VENDIS Workforce Management is cloud-based workforce management software that we offer as SaaS (Software as a Service).

With cloud architecture and SaaS business model, we are able to offer our customers tremendous values:

  • Fast and easy setup and customization: our customers can deploy VENDIS Workforce Management very rapidly in a matter of weeks rather than months
  • Risk free approach in deploying VENDIS Software: our customers do not need to purchase expensive Software. Monthly Software Subscription starts after the software is tested in Field Trial
  • Affordable and competitively priced Workforce Management Software: our customers pay fixed monthly cost that includes Customer Support, Software Maintenance and Data Warehousing so that there is no capital needed to purchase software and build data center as well as maintain IT team to manage and maintain the software
VENDIS Workforce Management Software Overview

VENDIS Software for Workforce Management consists of the following modules:

  1. VENDIS Smartphone Application that runs on any Android Smartphone
  2. VENDIS Web Application that encompasses
    • Data Setting/Configuration such as Route, Target, Task/Job/Service List
    • Task/Job/Service Editor
    • Task/Job/Service Assignment
    • Daily/weekly/monthly Routes
  3. VENDIS Reporting or Data Mining and Business Performance Analysis such as
    • Time Management
    • Task/Job/Service Effectiveness
    • Route/Visit Performance Management
VENDIS Workforce Management Business Flow

The above diagram depicts generic VENDIS Workforce Management Business Process to manage daily Field Service Operation:

  • Workforce Management starts with hourly/daily/weekly task list that can be imported from existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software
  • Supervisors or Administrators will manage in the second step Task Assignment, Routes and Targets for Field Operators
  • Field operators will login to authenticate and obtain his/her routes of customer visits or jobs to be performed
  • During the operation in the field, VENDIS Software will collect data such as time stamps, location and any executed transactions
  • Upon customer visit or start of a new job/task, field operators will have to select specific task to be performed
  • Field operators will have to fill out specific forms, collect pictures or signatures or confirmation from customers that the task/job has been performed as shown in the picture below
VENDIS Software in Field Service Operation