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Hybrid Genset (Generator Set)

Mobile Telecom Operators (MTOs) worldwide operate thousands of the so-called BTS (Base Transceiver Station) or cell sites that facilitates wireless communication between user equipment and wireless and wireline networks.

It is very common that BTSs are located in cities and rural areas where on-grid power is either not available or not reliable. Today, MTOs operate thousands of generator sets (gensets) to supply power to BTSs 24×7. Conventional genset operation is not only environmental-unfriendly but also very costly due to increasing fuel cost (diesel cost).

There has been a number of attempts to not only make this operational more environmental friendly but also cost effective by deploying solar or wind-powered BTSs. These attempts have been proven in the past as economically and in some cases technologically not feasible for several reasons: Solar-powered BTS requires a huge up-front capital expenditure although the operational expenditure is much lower compared to other alternatives. Wind-powered BTS suffers not only from the high capital expenditures but also from the site suitability where on some sites there is not enough wind throughout the year to move the wind turbines.

Hybrid gensets offer in today’s economical and technological condition the most optimal solution for MTOs:

  1. Capital expenditure is lower than Solar- and Wind-powered BTS
  2. It enables MTOs to cut cost by 55% to 60% using hybrid-technology by reducing the genset running hours and therefore the associated fuel consumption
  3. It is environment-friendlier than conventional genset by cutting carbot footprint by up to 60%

In every hybrid technology, we have a combination of energy generating unit (either Solar Panel, Wind turbine or in this case generator set), energy storage unit (battery bank) and smart systems that monitor and control the genset, battery bank and load going to BTS equipment.

As can be seen in the pictures above, the genset, battery bank, control system as well as fuel tank are housed in a compact enclosure to allow easy mobility and operation.

i-Perform OSS (Operational Support Systems) is used to monitor and control all L7 Systems’ Hybrid Gensets to enable operational excellence and ensure Service Level Agreement. i-Perform works hand in hand with the monitoring and control units installed in the hybrid gensets as seen in the above picture.

The i-Perform monitoring panel enable Hybrid Genset operators to view the current status and health of the systems remotely removing the necessity for costly and time-consuming transport of technicians to BTS sites.

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