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VENDIS Merchandising

Mobile Application for Merchandising, Brand Management and Point of Sale Marketing Material

VENDIS Mobile Merchandising enables companies to transform their field marketing activities from paper-based to cloud-based operation. Field merchandisers can ensure that products are in stock and appropriately merchandised and priced within the store/outlet, gondolas and shelves.

Merchandisers can complete online surveys, forms and take pictures of displayed products within the stores they visited.

Objectives for FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Good) companies in using VENDIS mobile merchandising software:

  • Transform paper-based field marketing activities to electronic/digital based
  • Verify that products are correctly displayed, placed and priced within the store
  • Verify promotion activities by taking pictures of product display, placement, promotional materials
  • Find out and reduce situations where certain products are out of stock
  • Manage and track field or mobile merchandiser

With VENDIS Web applications, product managers will be able to view in real-time field reports and photos related to field marketing and merchandising. Additionally, FMCG companies will be able to better co-ordinate their logistics to supply stores with the right products in timely manner.