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Sales and Distribution

VENDIS Sales Force Automation (SFA) is cloud-based Application designed and developed for Sales and Distribution of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), especially in emerging markets such as Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and many more emerging countries in Asia and Africa.

Thanks to VENDIS SFA, our customers, mostly Distributors or Principals of FMCGs are able to optimize their complex sales processes where the majority of sales processes are in Traditional Market in which salesmen have to go door to door to conduct sales or take orders.

The common denominators of this Industry are:

  • Very complex process due to size and volume of transactions
  • Very fast changing nature of sales with fast changing Promotion and Bonus
  • High volume of customers that salesmen have to visit on daily basis
  • Very competitive nature of the business itself

Due to the very competitive nature of FMCG business in emerging markets, it is imperative that FMCG companies whether they are Principals or Distributors to continuously evaluate how they operate and how their overall business is doing compared to their peers.