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Courier and Delivery Services

VENDIS Workforce Management for Logistics, Courier and Delivery Services

VENDIS Workforce Management Software is a cloud-based application that has been designed for Corporations and Small Medium Business (SMB) or Enterprises (SME) that have fleet, couriers or drivers whose number ranges from tens to hundreds or even thousands of people.

The commonalities among our target Corporations or SMBs, SMEs in Logistics are

  • they have several field personnel starting from tens to hundreds or thousands
  • each field person has to visit customers or job sites to either pickup or deliver goods
  • reports have to be made on each visit
  • optionally confirmation has to be obtained in form of signatures and contact persons on customer sites
  • optionally billing/invoice has to be issued to customers

VENDIS Workforce Management is designed to make the above repetitive processes more efficient:

  1. manage routes for field persons to perform
  2. enable supervisors/administrators to assign specific job/task in the task list to field operators
  3. enable supervisors/administrators to monitor and track in real-time the daily/weekly/monthly job progress and performance
  4. enable Executives or General Managers to obtain visibility into the overall business operation to allow corrective actions to be performed